Plastics are unique. With their excellent properties, industrial plastics not only replace conventional materials, they also give rise to totally new technologies and solutions. Our thermoset laminates exhibit excellent electrical insulation properties, a high dielectric strength in particular, which makes them ideal materials for electrical applications. Thermoset laminates can be used for many innovative applications as safety products or parts with a low unit weight. Owing to their thermal stability, they are used in railway applications, for example, and their excellent resistance to chemicals is a great advantage in shipbuilding and the automotive industry.

Furthermore, we can offer a whole range of new composites with outstanding physical and chemical properties which suit an ever broader range of potential applications. And their decisive advantages make them ever more crucial in the industrial production of heavily stressed components. Those advantages include low unit weight, high mechanical strength, high heat resistance, low elongation at failure and good vibration stability. HIPPE produces high-tech materials that comply with special customer requirements regarding inflammability, fire rating and chemical resistance as well as flame-retardant and low-smoke plastics systems.